Connect With Us

We are the Twentynine Palms Astronomy Club. We may have already met you, as we have been doing public outreach in astronomy in the Hi Desert for several years. We hope that the friends we have met along the way will follow our new adventure as we begin our very own Twentynine Palms Astronomy Club. Following in the footsteps of our idols, the San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers, we have one set goal - and that is to bring astronomy to you, our community.

Our astronomy club will be focusing on public outreach events in greater Morongo Basin area. We will be bringing our telescope to different locations and sharing our love of the night sky with people. Organized public star parties and collaborations with other local organizations will soon follow. We will also be offering our services in telescope repair/diagnostics, night sky astrophotograpghy lessons and private stargazing events.

  The Summer Milky Way from Twentynine Palms, California